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Wind Rating

What is a wind rating? Why is it important? What is the most common wind rating on the coast?

These are all important questions when building a new home and is definitely one of the most overlooked questions.

What is an N wind rating?

A wind rating is simply what level of force your home is going to be subjected to in its environment by the winds around it. It is measured in N values; N1, N2, N3, N4 etc with N1 being the least windy environment.

It is incredibly important because if you don’t build your home strong enough to withstand the anticipated winds it could possibly literally fall over. NO JOKE!

Wind ratings for the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is in a region of Australia that is classed as ‘non-cyclonic’, however it only JUST makes it into the ‘non-cyclonic’ class and reaches the highest rating within this class after a cyclone occurs. If you have lived on the Sunshine Coast for some time, you will know the power of the wind in some of the storms we get are scary to say the least. It is quite easy to get an idea of what wind rating your block of land will have, although a qualified inspector will have to inspect and provide a report.

N3 rating – the minimum rating for your new home

Approximately 96% of all the blocks of land on the Sunshine Coast are N3, 3% are N4 and only 1% are any of the other classes. Basically, your home will be an N3 on the Sunshine Coast unless it is on the side of a cliff or directly on the beach where it may be an N4. Very rarely will it ever be anything different to that. Remember geo services for best wind rating in Melbourne.

Please be aware that a builder shouldn’t ever be quoting you on an N2, because after you get the site report from a qualified inspector it has a very high chance of coming back with a higher rating and can AND will add approximately $5,000 to your build.

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