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Did you know that wind type of a particular area determines the safety of any structural project in the future? Stronger infrastructures are needed to withstand harsher winds and vice versa. However, determining what kind of wind patterns an area has is only possible through wind pressure measurement. Whether you are planning to launch a new construction project or want to build a skyscraper from scratch, it is best to determine the site’s wind pressure to make decisions accordingly.

Luckily, wind classification is one of the core geotechnical services which can help you in determining the wind pressure to be considered during designing phase of your next construction project.


Want to get the best wind classification geotechnical engineering services? You have landed the right page. Ensure the safety of your next construction project and structural design by analyzing wind classification and making amends accordingly. Here is why GES is the best platform to get wind classification services:

  • GES conduct wind classification for residential development as per AS 4055.
  • We offer a team of qualified and well-trained geotechnical engineers
  • We provider in-detail reports of wind pressure determination
  • We offer wind classification to standardize your construction project