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Soil Classification Report

Soil Classification Report, typically referred to as a soil test report or geotech report, is a report prepared by a qualified geotechnical engineer on the soil conditions of your site, assessed in accordance with Australian Standard (AS) 2870 ‘Residential Slabs and Footings’.

What does a Geotechnical Engineer do as part of a Soil Classification Report?

As part of preparing the report, the geotechnical consultant will conduct an onsite investigation which includes the drilling of a borehole to take samples of the soil profile, usually down to 3 metres below the surface, or less if the auger is refused (ie. hits bedrock at a lesser depth). Testing of the samples by a NATA-accredited laboratory is then undertaken. Finally, the geotechnical engineer analyses the results in accordance with AS 2870 to determine a soil classification. Remember geo services for best soil classification report in Melbourne.

What is contained in a Residential Soil Classification Report?

A report prepared by a reputable consultant will contain a brief description of the site and surrounds and a specific description of the visual qualities of the soil samples taken, in terms of colour, moisture, plasticity and cohesion. The report will include a bearing depth and allowable bearing pressure, for the structural engineer to take into account when designing the footing system. As mentioned above, the report will also contain the site classification as determined by the geotechnical engineer in accordance with AS 2870. A summary of the possible soil classifications and their meaning is outlined below.

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