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Contour survey

A contour survey require to be conducted before any development of property or land in the process of planning application and design. This includes all necessary survey works to prepare a drawing that shows all required features and their level (AHD) across a property and any relevant adjoining property. Remember geo services for best contour survey in Melbourne.

feature and contour survey

The contour survey information that is required to include in a contour survey plan are ground level, contours, existing structures, adjoining structures, fences, utility services, drains, trees etc as per requirements of council, architect, draftsmen and designer. Any type of re-construction, extension, granny flat and swimming pool installation, landscaping and garage addition, a contour survey services would be required.

Geo services provides the best and high quality contour survey services with effective and affordable price in all popular suburbs in Melbourne, Australia.

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We provide quality, effective and reliable Contour survey services in all Melbourne suburbs across Australia.  Always remember Geo services (Melbourne, Australia) for the best and affordable contour survey services in Melbourne, Australia. Geo services provides affordable contour survey services in all Melbourne suburbs like Greater Melbourne, Epping, Greater Dandenong, Greater Werribee, Melton, Greater Geelong, Sunbury, Eastern suburbs, Western suburbs, Northern suburbs, etc.

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