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Laboratory Testing

We conduct a wide range of geotechnical, concrete and aggregate lab testing and prepare in-detail reports to facilitate your construction project.

Soil Testing and Geotechnical Investigation

We offer top-notch soil investigation for different projects including residential, commercial, swimming pool and basement constructions.

Level 1 Earthwork Supervision

Level 1 earthwork supervisions and testing is an important part of the job of Geotechnical Inspection and Testing Authority (GITA).

Level 2 Sampling and Testing

When it comes to the construction of level two structures, the GTA regulatory demands several tests to be conducted....

Feature and Contour survey

A Feature and Level survey require to be conducted before any development of property or land in the process of planning application and design.

Slope Stability Analysis

Did you know that an inclined surface is more likely to slide and crash and cause fatalities? It is true in the cases where Slope Stability Analysis .....

Bushfire Attack Level(BAL) Assessment

Bushfires are worst but what is worst is the damage they can cause to any residential, commercial or any type of infrastructure.

Wind Classification

Did you know that wind type of a particular area determines the safety of any structural project in the future? Stronger infrastructures are needed to.....