Level 2 Sampling and Testing

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When it comes to the construction of level two structures, the GTA regulatory demands several tests to be conducted to ensure that the structures are in compliance with the Australian regulations. At GES, we help you in creating enough samples and recommendations to the Geotechnical Testing Authority so that everything flows smoothly.

What Is It?

During the level construction projects, a GTA is appointed to conduct sampling and testing of different materials on the project location. The GTA’s job encompasses selection of a suitable sampling location as well as decision-making in terms of testing operations after every visit on the site. We will help in preparing GTA compliant sample tests and reports so that you can get important insights on the level 2 sampling and testing on the construction site.

Count on our professionals and experienced geotechnical engineers to ensure that your project is well-suited for its purpose from start till the end of level 2 construction.

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